quinta-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2012

I am the best belly dancer of Czech Republic

Para (minha) memória futura:
This is the end of 16 years of classes with a lot of work, stress, friends and fun. The end of another cicle and the start of another one. It was unexpected, but funny to finish my last class talking about my family and listening a feedback from all my classmates. It was different. It was special. Tomorrow I come back to Coimbra. But I have already my first Christmas gift! Just check it!
PS: Thank you for all who were part of this amazing part of my life, in Coimbra, in Rio de Janeiro or in Prague...
PPS: NO, I am NOT a belly dancer.

The rules were: each person needs to write one sentence about each one of the classmates talking about him but doing it like it was himslelf talking. Example: I am João and I'm writing something about Miguel, so I start the sentence like it was Miguel talking and saying "I am...".

The result (of course that people could only say good things... otherwise I would need much more than only one paper!):
I am the best belly dancer of Czech Republic.
I am a nice and very friendly guy.
I’m nice to everyone and very friendly.
I can make everyone feel relaxed.
I am really kind to my colleagues!
I am confident and positive. I’m very good at dealing with people. My smile is nice and I can handle everything.
I am a nice person with positive attitude and people love my stories and listen carefully when I talk.
I am able to very original and easy get people interested in what I’m saying.
I think always in a positive way.
I am handsome.
I’m looking like a western movie hero.
I always greet people with a smile.
I am looking nice.
I am friendly and clever guy.
My way of smiling can catch and attract everyone.
I’m an excellent person, I am always positive and enthusiastic.

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